The Mercara Downs is a 18 hole links style layout. The course is built with strong undulations along the fairway & greens as the layout uses the natural contours of the land. It is a Par 70 course that plays to 5497 yards & has a course rating of 67.

Fast greens, deep bunkers, undulating fairways & windy conditions make it a very Scottish style course. Greens here have false fronts, huge elevation changes, deep bunkers and are a challenge to attack.

The green at the opening hole a 337 yard, Par 4 is precariously perched at the top of the hillock with 2 bunkers protecting the rear & is a fantastic starting hole.

The 250 yard, 12th hole is very much a birdie opportunity as long as you do not allow the carry over the water to distract you.

The setting sun over the 18th hole always provides a surreal end to your afternoon round at the Mercara course. The 8th hole - a par 3, 179 yard design is the 4th toughest hole on the course.

The Course

Hole 1

A difficult opening hole which looks innocuous off the tee. Its a Par 4 with one of the toughest 2nd shots you will ever encounter & is a spectacular opening hole that should get you all warmed up !!. Tee off in line with the electric pole in the distance. You carry the road (Note: the fairway slopes from right to left). Keep away from the trees on the left as a wayward shot to the LEFT spells doom. Your second shot will be to a green that is perched on top of the hillock & is all uphill. Factor for the uphill distance & the wind. The green is protected by two bunkers at the back. This hole needs a perfect second shot as being short or long means trouble. The green is small & compact & fast & slopes inward.

Hint: Be short rather than long as recovery if your long is tougher than if you are short.

Hole 2

Don’t let the stroke index fool you into thinking this is an easy hole. This is all downhill from the tee to a green that is “D” shaped & has four bunkers waiting for a errorenous tee shot or a runner that goes long. Long here is defined as too much club or a shot that runs downhill & overshoots the green in the process. Club selection is key as this hole can play from 130 to 160 yards depending on the wind. A direct shot on the green will hold if it is in the center as the green is D shaped. Most golfers tend to play short of the green & allow the ball to run down the last 10 -20 yards depending on course conditions. That approach has its share of risks too because of the uneven nature of the fairway. The green is relatively easy to putt on.

Hint: Play short – its much much safer.

Hole 3

This hole is a dogleg left. You tee off to a fairway that is bisected by the road & you need to carry the road to cut the dogleg safely. Long hitters can easily go over the dogleg. A errant shot on the left & you end up in the thick trees on the left which is a OB area. So play safe & go wide on the right as that is a better angle to attack the green on the second. The fairway slopes from right to left. Your second shot is to a small green with 2 bunkers protecting the right hand side of the green. There are trees behind. The green slopes quite severely from back to front & putting here is tricky, as you need to read both the line & the speed.

Hint: Be short rather than long on your second. Factor for the slope on the fairway when you set up for your second shot.

Hole 4

A straightforward & short Par 3 hole this is all uphill from the Tee. The green is set back & you will not see the flag if its in the center of the green or at the back. That makes it difficult somtimes to judge where you should be aiming. The hole plays about 10 yards more than the yardage & picking the right club is paramount to playing this hole well. The green has bunkers on either side for protection. Putting on this green is relatively easy. Left of the green is thick rough that you do not want to be in. A draw of the tee is the ideal shot.

Hint: Be short rather than long as recovery if your long is tougher than if you are short.

Hole 5

The first of the Par 5′s this hole has a fairway that gently moves from left to right. The tee off is from a elevated Tee Box to a very very wide fairway, that opens up all along the right. There is rough on the left & way beyond an OB fence. The fairway at the landing area slopes from left to right & runs to a lower level as it goes right. The more right you go the tougher your second shot. Reachable in 2 for the long hitters, for the rest the second is a layup in line with the pin. Play for position so that the 3rd is at a distance you are comfortable with. The green is slightly elevated & has a shallow bunker on the left edge.

Hint: Do not go long on your 3rd as recovery is very difficult. Short on the right works better.

Hole 6

This is another short,downhill par 3 to a green that is quite large. You can approach this in 2 ways – go for the green or play short of the green & allow gravity to run it down onto the green. Both have their pros & cons. Wind plays a big factor here – cause a head wind will help you keep the ball on the green while a tail or cross wind make matters worse. Going long on this green is a definite NO – NO as recovery is never easy. Putting on this green is relatively easy.

Hint: Aim for the center of the green as its where the green is deepest. Club selection is critical. If in doubt take a shorter club.

Hole 7

A long dogleg left par 4 with an OB running along the left when you Tee off. Ensure you keep well right of the OB along the left as the fairway is all uphill & slopes sharply from right to left. The fairway reaches its high point at about 240 yards & after that it runs downslope till the green. Your second shot is to a green that has bunkers in the front left & back right for protection. The green rises from front to back & falls off at the back severely, so going long on this hole is not a very good option at all. The green slopes from back to front.

Hint: Be short rather than long as recovery if your long is tougher than if you are short.

Hole 8

The right club, nerves of steel, factor for the wind & a little bit of luck. That’s what you need to conquer this 179 yard Par 3 which is rated the 4th toughest hole on the course. You tee off from a elevated tee box over a valley & water body to a green that is slightly lower than the tee box. The green however is on a sharp slope in the front & being short is a recipe for a bogey or worse. There is a bunker guarding the front left & if you are too long there are 2 bunkers at the back that await the errant ball. Pulling your ball right is trouble again with the thick tree line. Putting on this green is relatively child’s play.

Hint: Be brave off the tee box as indecisiveness will cost you on this hole.

Hole 9

A sharp dogleg left hole, this curves around a OB area along the left. The fairway slopes sharply from right to left at the landing area & the further right you go from the middle of the fairway – the further you get from the green. Your second is to a elevated green with a bunker in the front left. Off the tee distance matters on this hole, so you need to ideally draw the ball & get the ball to run along the fairway from right to left. Putting on this green is relatively easy – its getting there in regulation that is the challenge.

Hint: Be aggressive off the TEE BOX.

Hole 10

Another short Par 3 hole this is a blind shot from the tee box as the first 70 yards is all uphill. The green has a bunker in the front & falls off sharply on the left. So going left of the green is NOT a good option. The best approach is to go right of the green as the fairway will feed the ball to the left. Once you have a handle on the distance you can attack the green.

Hint: Be right rather than left of the green.

Hole 11

Its not very often that you have two Par 3′s to play consecutively on a course. This is another very short Par 3 hole, with some interesting twists to the design. You tee off from behind a fence over a few small bushes to a green that is a good 30 feet below. The green has a water hazard on the right – it looks more like a bunker & has a nasty habit of spoling good scorecards. There is a water body far on the right & trouble if you go very long. There is enough of a bailout area along the left of the hole – making this a very easy Par 3.

Hint: Factor for wind & the down slope when it comes to club selection off the tee.

Hole 12

A very short Par 4, this 250 yard hole has 2 water bodies to carry to get to the green. The first is just in front of the green & not really in play. The second needs a 200 yard carry on the shortest line & 220 yards on the straight line to the green. Visually the distance seems much more & it is when there is a head wind. The safe line is left of the water body & that will leave you with a short wedge to the green. The green is slightly elevated & relatively flat & easy to putt on.

Hint: Be aggressive off the green. This is very much a birdie hole.

Hole 13

This is a tricky & challenging Par 3 hole.Off the tee you have water to carry for the first 120 yards, an OB along the left for the first 130 yards again, a tall tree along the left edge of the green that definitely comes into play if you err on that side. The green has two bunkers in the front & back & runs from back to front making it difficult to attack & hold the green. The green falls off on the right, so if you miss the green on that side – the chances of you recovering for a par are very slim. This is a tough green to putt on.

Hint: You need to attack the pin from the right & pick the right club off the Tee Box.

Hole 14

A challenging Par 4, the green is a blind spot from the Tee Box. You need to aim left of the trees in the distance to a wide, open fairway. Your drive will carry the road & should be way left as the fairway slopes from left to right & the ball will feed right ! You do not want to end up short off, or behind the trees as you will not be able to attack the pin from there. Get distance off the tee. Your second is a short iron or wedge to a green that is elevated & falls off on the right. 2 bunkers on the front left & behind protect the green. There is a bunker in front of the green on the right too. The green slopes from back to front.

Hint: Be aggressive off the tee & go for distance.

Hole 15

This is a dogleg left hole. You tee off from a elevated Tee box to a wide fairway. The green is obscured by trees. The trees border the left of the fairway & taking that line is the aggressive line. The safer line is right of that. There is a huge mound in the fairway that is the line & a 240 yard drive will leave you safe, but with a second shot that is blind. Drive beyond the mound & the fairway runs down & the green comes into view. Your second if you lay up should be slightly right of the green line. The green has 3 bunkers for protection & is slightly elevated – a good second will easily run up the fairway onto the green. This is a good green to go for in two for the long hitters & is a easy birdie opportunity for them.

Hint: Be aggressive off the tee & play for position on your second shot or go for the green depending on your drive.

Hole 16

A short Par 4 this moves gently from left to right. All along the right are trees & a OB area. The fairway banks from left to right – from the Tee box to the green & you need to factor for that slope. A good line is well left of center fairway as the slope of the fairway will run the ball further right. Long hitters need to similarly aim left of the green. The green is a elevated one that falls away on the right & it needs to be attacked from the left. The challenge is often attacking it from a fairway that is angled – so when you hit your second, you need to factor for your angled stance. The green is not very wide or deep & is relatively flat.

Hint: Factor for the wind direction on your second shot as you ideally want to attack the pin from the left.

Hole 17

A long, straight Par 5 that needs 3 very good shots to get to the green. Off the tee the first shot is blind as the green is hidden as the fairway runs uphill. Your second is typically shot of the road that bisects the fairway & you are advised to play for position so that you have a the right distance on the 3rd. The 3rd is typically a wedge or short iron to a slightly elevated green – the challenge is the green slopes from front to back & any shot that lands in the front of the green, kicks off the slope & may run off the green. With the wind kicking in, that is often the challenge. The green is tricky.

Hint: Play for par on this hole & you could end up with a birdie.

Hole 18

A dogleg left this hole is long & a challenge. Off the Tee you need distance – anything left of the fairway is trouble. Keep well right (remember the fairway slopes from right to left at the landing area). After 250 yards the fairway runs downslope & the green is way below – which means you normally will not be able to see the green & could have a 170 yard second. Factor for the fact that the fairway runs downhill on your second. The green as you will see falls off at the back & you definitely do NOT want to be long on this hole. Play to be short of the green as the slope will give you 10-30 yards more depending on the wind & surface conditions.

Hint: Not a hole to take lightly. Play for par & be happy with one.

Handicap Index

Member Index Handicap
Appachu M.A17.318
Bhanu Appanna17.318
Arun Kumar S.N17.318
Rajan Appanna17.318
Harish Appanna15.416
Achaiah B.A28.830
Ashok C.U2324
Ashok I.K.32.634
Amarnath K.V22.123
Anil Kumar K.A1.92
Avinash Arali13.414
Ashok B19.220
Dr.Anantharamaiah T11.512
Ashok Mario Periera 25.927
Arvind G.B2526
Aiyappa M.B21.122
Anitha Shrishrimal15.416
Appanna K.K32.634
Ajay Shetty2324
Aakash Appachoo C25.927
Sai Giri Bopanna15.416
Bopanna A.C2324
Bopaiah K.M15.416
Bopanna M.A16.317
Bojanna M.S19.220
Bhavani Shankar18.219
Dr.Ramesh Bopaiah21.122
Bopanna P.K11.512
Bhaskar N.L2324
Bopanna K.A2324
Chengappa K.A (Tutta)16.317
Cariappa K.M2324
Cariappa K.A20.221
Cariappa M.A13.414
Chengappa N.K26.928
Chengappa K.P17.318
Cariappa C.F21.122
Roy Chengappa17.318
Muthanna Cariappa13.414
Chittiappa A.M13.414
Chenthil Arcot22.123
Chengappa K.A2324
Chennakeshava Dinesh13.414
Devaiah A.K9.610
Darshan Biddappa17.318
Dinaker O.V26.928
Dhanyakumar Channappa19.220
Dhyan Kushalappa12.513
Kashyap Doshi2324
Rajesh Dayananda2526
Dhananjaya C.S.21.122
Dinesh Cariappa17.318
Devkumar R2324
Channaraj Mahindra7.78
Ganapathy P.D17.318
Ganapathy P.M2324
Ganapathy B.P2324
Guruduth C.S.13.414
Ganapathy M.B14.415
Guruprasad G.V17.318
Parithosh Ganapathy1.92
Gagan Muthanna32.634
Harsha Dasegowda13.414
Harish Gondavale22.123
Sharath Ganapathy M.K26.928
Vinod Gopinath26.928
Girish Rao H.T14.415
Gautham Basappa26.928
Mohan Jayaram19.220
Jayasimha Varadarajan17.318
Jithendra L17.318
Agastya Jayanti12.513
Kalaiah P.E11.512
Arun Kushalappa32.634
Sundar Krishnaswamy17.318
Kishore D.G2526
Kariappa C.P34.636
Madaiah B.S17.318
Fiaz Moosa Kutty13.414
Sam Mathews21.122
Macchaiah Cariapaa13.414
Madappa K.K2324
Machaiya K.S14.415
Manu Hari2526
Muthanna A.S16.317
Muthappa M.D21.122
Mallesh B.B (IFS)34.636
Dr.Mohan Appaji34.636
Mandanna C.T15.416
Naveen Kumar B.V17.318
Nanda Appaiah15.416
Nanjappa M.C12.513
Nicky Appachu17.318
Nanjappa P.K26.928
Nagaraj M.P2324
Nafees Ahmed K.A2324
Naveen Kumar Deshpande2324
Anil Ponappa2324
Poonacha M.A15.416
Dr.Pushpa Kuttanna34.636
Hariprasad V.C21.122
Prem D.S34.636
Prabhu T.V2324
Pradip Kumar Das2324
Ponappa S.M2324
Ponnappa K.A2324
Ranjith K.P5.86
Micheal Rodrigues11.512
Rajeev K.G17.318
Raghu S17.318
Rahul Kuttappa10.611
Ryan Aiyappa17.318
Ramnathan N13.414
Raghu K S Menon20.221
Rajendra Desai26.928
Dr.Ravi Narayan26.928
Rohit I.K2324
Shivram C.N5.86
Deepak Subbaiah21.122
Suresh E.L13.414
Subbaiah M.C15.416
Nanjappa S.K21.122
Somaiah M.N21.122
Srinivasan K17.318
Supreeth G32.634
Srinivas K.V11.512
Sai Muthanna15.416
Shankar D.P2324
Sathish Hegde2324
Shashidhar B.M17.318
Sundaram R12.513
Shivkumar 2324
Shreyas Shenoy13.414
Siddalingesh Chowshetty2324
Samith P.K32.634
Lokesh Shivaraja2324
Suresh Karupakula20.221
Sanjith Aiyappa22.123
Subbaramaiah P2324
Sunil Devaiah N.C2324
Sanjay H.L17.318
Sunil Somaiah K.A.28.830
Thammaiah M.M17.318
K.Muthanna Thimmaiah11.512
Thammaiah M.M 2324
Thammaya K.S34.636
Thamaya K.N17.318
ThimmaiaH C.C31.733
Thimmaiah P.B21.122
Vijay S Hubli2324
Venkatesh Rao K.S19.220
Vignesh Hebbar5.86
Vikash 2324
Varun Vikram17.318
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